Cruising on an oldie but a goodie.... the Sun Princess!

Trip on an oldie but a goodie... the Sun Princess! Like many cruise fanatics if there is an opportunity that comes up to go on one I will take it with both hands! Well I wasn’t quite prepared as to what I had signed up for sailing with Princess Cruises on the Sun Princess.

We were eagerly anticipating 2pm so we could check in for our cruise that we had been waiting the whole holiday for. We arrived at the port in Brisbane where there were road works everywhere, thank goodness the taxi driver knew what was going on!

Check in was an absolute breeze, all members of staff were so efficient and friendly. Most of our fellow travellers were a bit older than us but like us were there to have a fabulous time. We stayed in a balcony room, which was incredible and I would never go back to an interior or an ocean view room now!

Having a balcony is a small treat that often goes unrecognized. I know when I’m on holiday I like to have a slight sleep in (not that I realized I could do this at the time) but it is possible to get your breakfast delivered to your room. This comes at no additional cost - it is from the breakfast buffet upstairs. Finding this out really made my holiday because I used to hate having to get up have a shower make myself look nice to go eat breakfast. I quite like the idea waking up looking like a raccoon and eating my breakfast in privacy on my balcony in the early morning sunshine!

Also after exploring all day sometimes the last thing you want to do is go onto the top deck with everyone so it was really nice being able to sit on the balcony in the peace and quiet. Attending the deck party was a lot of fun with everyone participating! Dinner at the buffet restaurant was great and lots of options which is perfect for a fussy person like myself.

Woke up from the most amazing sleep in the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in! People don’t need to worry about the bedding as they won’t be disappointed.  Today was a day on the ship at sea. Sea days are usually a lot of fun.

This morning I decided to get my teeth whitened. Well I tell you what, it definitely worked and my teeth were dazzling! After this we decided we would go try our hand at some basketball. Once we got there we discovered there was no staff running the court. We were very disappointed and it ended up being 5 of us having turns at getting it in the hoop.

After basketball we thought we would have a go at bingo and try our luck. This was more organised and surprisingly a lot more fun! Once we had finished our dinner we decided we would go attend classes on Texas hold em. Now this our first time gambling in a casino so it was all very exciting! We attended a Texas hold em session (which was on the daily activities list) the guy in charge at the casino came over to our table where 4 of us were sitting ready to play.

The man set us up and wished us luck and walked away. I was really gutted as most of the people at the table had no idea how to play and we were hoping the casino man was going to sit there and truly assist us.

We weren’t getting anywhere with that game to we decided to upgrade to black jack, this was very easy to learn and a very fast way to lose money. Little did we know, that after 10pm things started to liven up. Great fun.

Today was the day we got to hop off and go into Newcastle! Getting off the ship was very simple and we only had to wait about 20 minutes and it all went smoothly. We then boarded buses that were waiting for us, to take us to town.

Once dropped off we had a walk round but a very tired old area. We then caught a shuttle for $10 AUD each to return to the Westfield mall. This was a great way to spend the day as we got a good drive around (30 minutes) and once at Westfield there was plenty of shops. They also have an absolutely gorgeous outdoor roof top restaurant area! Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

There wasn't an awful lot to do in Newcastle but it was a nice costal city and it was nice to get off the ship. We boarded around 5pm and once again everything went smoothly with no hassles. Tonight was the big finale with a balloon drop/party in the main atrium. This was a lot of fun, even more fun than the night before. I tried attending Texas hold em activity again starting at 10 pm but once again felt let down as we were left to our devices. 

Disembarking on the last day was nothing to worry about and we were off the ship within 15 minutes. I truly can’t say enough how easy getting on and off the ship was. You really never had to stress. Rooms were lovely and of course the balcony was a great touch. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday with Princess Cruises.